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Cambodia Re: Cambodian Reinsurance Company, known as Cambodia Re, was established under Sub-Decree No. 07AN.KR.MK by the Royal Government of Cambodia on 24 the January 2002 . The company is incorporating with the registered capital of USD 7 million for its operation regarding to the Insurance Law of Cambodia. In order to build up the capacity and financial strengths with the ideal of privatization, company reached a Joint Venture agreement with Asian Insurance International (AII) with the sales of 20 percent of share of Cambodia Re on 16 January 2004.

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Corporate Role

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As set by the Royal Government of Cambodia, the role of Cambodia Re is as follows:
-  To carry out reinsurance business operation of all class of risks, including general insurance and life insurance;
-  To act directly or indirectly with insurance and reinsurance companies;
-  To fully cooperate with the existing or prospective enterprise or companies by way of sharing participation, signing commercial contracts, buying shares, which are beneficial to Cambodia Re;
-  To directly or indirectly participate in all industrial, commercial, financial, movable and progress of the above transaction;
-  To be responsible for the job safety and security;
-  To adhere to the working principles and manner as the business people do;
-  To effectively manage all activities;